Nijmegen is a Dutch city in the province of Gelderland. Nijmegen is also the oldest city in the Netherlands and has a magnificent river landscape, positioned between three large rivers, The Rhine, Meuse, and Waal. The city has a lot to offer with historical sites, museums, and the many outdoor cafés that will make your visit worthwhile.

Useful information

Transportation in the city

To travel within the city, you can also use the OV-Chipkaart. You can purchase this card from a ticket machine at railway stations but also in a large number of supermarkets in the Netherlands. It is also possible to buy a more expensive single-use day ticket from the ticket machines at the railway stations. Reminder: Before you get on the train or bus you just have to hold your card against one of the card-readers, and when leaving, you need to check out again.

You can also explore the city by bike. There will be bikes available at the hotel. There are many biking routes across Nijmegen, so hop on your bike and enjoy nature, travel along the water, and find your way through the vineyards.

Fun Activities in Nijmegen

Nijmegen offers a large number of fun activities and places to visit. Located in the centre of Nijmegen is de ‘Grote Markt’, not far from the river Waal. This is the perfect central point to explore the city and enjoy the local atmosphere. One of the most beautiful buildings in Nijmegen, De Waagh, takes prime place in the Grote Markt. The restaurant inside offers a wide range of quality dishes.

For a life-changing and humbling experience, you should visit MuZIEum. It offers a chance to gain a new understanding and perspective on life and see what a life without sight is like. You will be blindfolded and undertake a series of challenges without sight.

Emergency numbers

In case of an emergency, you can dial the emergency number 112. They will ask you whether you need the police, fire department, or an ambulance.

In case there is no emergency, but you want to talk to the police, dial 0900-8844. Using a non-dutch phone, this would be 0031 343 57 8844.

In case of urgent medical issues, you can turn to two different hospitals: the Radboud UMC, Geert Grooteplein 10 (phone number 024 361 4187 or using non-dutch phone 0031 24 361 3799), or the Canisius Wilhelmina Ziekenhuis located on the Weg door Jonkerbos 100 in Nijmegen (phone number 024 3365 7675 or using non-dutch phone 00031 24 365 7657).

The school will be hosted at the Fletcher Parkhotel Val Monte, a beautiful resort just outside the city of Nijmegen.

Location Hotel

The Fletcher Parkhotel Val Monte is located at Oude Holleweg 5, 6572 AA Berg en Dal. To call directly to the hotel, you can use this number: 024 684 2000.

From Nijmegen to the Hotel

When arriving in Nijmegen, there are several ways to reach Fletcher Parkhotel Val Monte.

You can take a taxi located just outside the railway station.

By car, you can take the Berg en Dalsweg to Berg en Dal, which takes 11 minutes.

Or you can take bus 8  in the direction of Berg en Dal and get off at the stop De Meerberg, Berg en Dal. Bus 8 towards Berg en Dal rides every 15 minutes during the daytime and the ride will approximately take 22 minutes.  When leaving the bus at station de Meerberg, you only have to walk 4 minutes to the hotel.

To plan your travel by bus, you could also visit the site

Goggle maps LINK

How to get to Nijmegen

By plane

Nijmegen does not have an airport. Traveling via Amsterdam Schiphol would be the best route. Schiphol is a large airport and easy to reach from many European and American cities.

By train

The easiest way to travel from Schiphol in Amsterdam to Nijmegen is by train. The Netherlands is well connected by train.  A railway station is located within Schiphol. At the ticket machine located in the railway station, you can purchase a ticket known as an OV-Chipkaart. Or you can choose a more expensive single-use day ticket at the ticket machine. Before you get on the train, you just have to hold your card against one of the card-readers and when leaving the train, check out again. There is a direct train which takes you from Schiphol to Nijmegen in an hour and a half. During the daytime, every half hour a train can take you to Nijmegen. More information about the arrival and departure times of the trains can be found using this site:

By car

You can also travel to Nijmegen by car or take a taxi. Nijmegen is located on highway A73 and therefore easily reachable.