DCBT2023 projects will be posted soon!

Projects proposed in DCBT2022

Spike Sorting

Supervisor Alessio Buccino

• Project suggestions:

1. Fine-tune your spike sorting approach: explore and try out different spike sorting strategies presented during the spike sorting tutorial on your own data. What is the best spike sorting algorithm? This project is recommended if you work with extracellular electrophysiology data and you want to improve your spike sorting procedure.

2. Are strong spike correlations affecting spike sorting? Investigate whether correlations in neural activities are affecting spike sorting. f spikes are correlated there is a high chance of “spike collisions”, which degrade spike sorting. Is this really the case? You will simulate ground-truth recordings (using the MEArec simulator) with/without correlations across spike trains and compare the results with SpikeInterface.

• Tutor Availability: Monday 12th to Wednesday 14th

EEG Analysis

Supervisor Robert Oostenveld

Description: We will be using the eeg-language dataset, recorded while participants attended the stimuli corresponding to concepts from different categories. All semantic exemplars were presented in three modalities: auditory, visual and orthographical. The recorded brain activity includes visual, orthographic, and auditory activity (for the modalities), and semantic activity (for the categories).

 Project suggestions
  1. Classification of trials between stimulus type
  2. Classification of trials between modalities
  3. Classification of trials between categories
  4. Identification of shared semantic representations
  5. Identification of temporal activation sequence (from sensory to conceptual)
  6. Identification of cortical networks (from sensory to conceptual)

– Tutor Availability:


Large-Scale Models of Brain Dynamics

Supervisor Francisco Santos

Theoretical measures for BOLD Signal Analysis

Supervisor Vivek Sharma

Self Regulatory Synthetic Agents

Supervisors Tue Ngo, Oscar Guerrero Rosado

Generalization of Sequential Episodic Control

Supervisors Adrián Fernández Amil, Ismael Tito Freire

Computational Modeling

Supervisor Adrián Fernández Amil